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EPP Explained & TAAT explained

 General Info and EPP Explained + the Fine Print.

__EPP Plus Event Payment Protection covers riders when a mechanical issues forces you to retire the day prior to
11:00am.  Club issues a 50% TAT Credit (Tire & Track) good toward future track time. We do not issue Credit for mechanical reasons as a result of crashing.TAAT Credit has no Expiration and can be used in various ways other than Track Events. Rider must sign out during the day prior to leaving the event for Mechanical.

Personal Opt out
__EPP Plus Event Payment Protection should there be a need to not show up or in cases where events may be cancelled. Weather or pesonal opt out is possible by not signing in the morning of the event.. This coverage issues a 100% TAAT Credit to the rider for future track events at a 30% Restriction on the application rate. Explained below.

Registering for an Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. Trackday & Payment: FINE PRINT BELOW

 Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. Trackday Policy.

  • All Participants must have a minimum of a guest Access to register for any of our dates with two exceptions. First Time on a track (INTRO), or first event with ACE. You need a minimum of Guest Access to apply any form of credit from any programs that issue credits. AKA TAAT. Guest Access is aka as Copper, and is an information only account on our site.
  • By submitting your CC for payment you are accepting these terms below. All trackdays must be paid for with a Credit Card or Paypal Payment in advance to hold your spot.
  • You will get an email confirming your registered day as well as a "Confirmed" order email when it is confirmed.
  • Cash or Credit Card at the track is an accepted payment for walk on spots only, and this is on an availability basis only, no confirmations on spots will be available for those not pre-registered with a payment  in our systems.
  • You do not have a confirmed seat until your order or registration status shows "Confirmed" so please do not make any travel arrangements UNTIL you are CONFIRMED. Email Absolutetrackday@aol.com, call 1-877-382-9800 x 2, or text 718-608-4217 at anytime while your registration is under review, processed and not confirmed so  we can give you an idea if you should go ahead and make travel arrangements.
  • Discounts & Programs: Use them all, buy them all but they cannot be mixed. So, have an ACE Card, cannot be combined with a combo, use the combo cannot use the ACE card, Have coach fund TAAT cannot use with Combo, so in BASIC terms Discounts cannot be mixed together... For discount program packages a max dollar amount ofr $25 can be used towards the balance.
  • Membership & Track Access Terms 2013 and beyond :  Track Access purchased in 2013 or later will run seasonal with the exception of Platinum and UACE which run 365 days unless purchased Mid Season where it will be prorated to the end of the season.
  • This means if you purchase a 2013 or later Track Access, and the available  Renewal Charges will no longer be automated.
  • There are no cancellations for memberships or Track Access payments after you ride on a day after your initial Purchase.
  • All track Access Purchases are considered Pre-Payment towards your event for that season, and should not be considered a membership. Absolute Cycle Experience does not offer any memberships of any kind. We only collect for reimbursement of all costs associated with track rental costs for those who purchase track access and wish to ride on such track rented.
  • Absolute Cycle Experience does not sell track time, Absolute Cycle Experience is a promotion company that expands and reaches an audience of motorcycle riders who wish to ride their motorcycles on a closed course with peer instruction and coaching on a volunteer basis. Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. revenue is from Sponsors that pay to advertise with Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. to reach this audience through direct advertising and in person sales. All logistics, customer service, processing, etc, is outsourced to Absolute Performance LLC.
  • Chargebacks, Credit Card disputes, Paypal disputes.:  Please try to make every effort to contact us before disputing the charge on your creditcard or with Paypal. A dispute on your credit card whether the decision is in your favor or ours will void any future advanced registrations with a credit card or other mechant including Paypal. Your ability to purchase a tracktime in the future with Absolute Cycle Experience will be that of a walk on only COD if there is availability because it is an attempt of circumvention of policies. ACE will work to the fullest extent to accomadate special circumstances and issue credits outside of the polices on a case per case basis, where such as case will be reviewed before deciding. Absolute Cycle Experience DOES NOT REFUND any collected charges, only credits within the system otherwise known as TAAT (Tire Accesory And Track) will be given.
  • CREDITS under the EPP & EPP+ Program: Credits will be issued based on availablity, in the event of a Event credit when you sign up for multiple events, the credit will be applied to the first event on the calender closest to your registration regardless of amount.
  • Event Insurance credits (TAAT) can only be used once, so if you use one TAAT credit for one event, you cannot apply Event Payment Protection (EPP) to the replacement day.  Event Payment Protection claims on multiple day special one price events, a day credit instead of a dollar amount will be issued.
  • To use your credit you need to have a valid and paid Access program for the season. As of 2015 the policy that  Credits never Expire will continue as long as Access to ACE is maintained. TAAT credit holders will have one full season to claim their credit if credit was issued from the add on epp purchase. If you upgrade to an access program that they will not expire as long as that upgrade is within a year. If one year or aka season has lapsed without access then the credits will expire. If an Access has lapsed you can "buy back" previous years access to validate credit use if the amount of credit is in favor of doing this. in easy terms do not let your access lapse a full season. Credits, that are in the system on a non restricted basis, such as rain outs, coach fund etc, can be applied to all 2015 and later events and partner events for in the maximum of 30% of the event you are applying the TAAT to cost.
  • An event consists of any 1,2,3 or more consecqutive days. Ex Day 1 $190 Day 2 $190 a maximum of $114 can be applied from TAT.
  • In addition TAAT credit can be applied in the amount of $25 per tire purchased through AbsoluteCycle.com.
  • TAAT credits can be applied to a maximum of $10 for Electric,Garage costs at an event. 
  • TAAT credits can be applied to any purchase of a part, accessory, Apparel sold by AbsoluteCycle.com on a customized basis, where a rep will give you the maximum credit that can be applied towards such purchase before sale.
  • TAAT credits CANNOT be applied to Track Access purchases, Event Packages, or initial Seasonal (All Access) purchases.
  • For 2015 and after Seasonal Pass (All Access) renewals a maxium of $250 can be applied in the form of TAT towards a renewal. 
  • TAAT Credits can be sold or transferred to another individual upon written request from TAAT credit holder. Transfers must be entire credit amount no partial transfers can be used.  For 2014 and beyond all TAAT Credits issued can be applied to an event cost at no more than 30% of the cost of an event. Example Event is $200. TAT on file is $400. Only $60 can be applied to event
  • In addition all  TAAT credits issued before the end of the 2015 season will not expire if access is maintained our purchased within one year of add on event insurance was climed.
  • Racing contingency TAAT is the ONLY TAAT that cannot be transferred, and will not expire. All credits will expire after one year of the season it was won.
  • TAAT credit cannot be used on Track Access Programs purchase unless a special determination is granted from ACE Inc. Board of directors.  For multiple discount packages, a max of $25 can be applied to those event charges. All Above Credit Policies under the EPP/TAT program are subject to change based on the needs and the best interest of the organization. By purchasing a Track Access you are deciding that Absolute Cycle Experience and its board of directors will act on behalf of all Track Access holders as a whole, and that any decision made by the board of directors will be in the best interests and future of Absolute Cycle Experience Inc.
  • WAIT LIST AND OVERFLOW POLICY : When an event is on over flow and wait list you do not have a confirmed spot. Your form of payment is collected and held in escrow (paypal account of Absolute Cycle Experience Inc.). Before we process your card or your registration we will confirm with you first if you want to still ride that day. Overflow status means groups numbers are met in a particular group. we may run two groups of the same skill level if demand is greater than a particular skills group. In a wait list situation event is sold out and when a spot becomes available we will confirm the next in line if they want a spot. Same payment procedures as stated above. in all situations your spot is not confirmed unless we "Confirm" status your registration or order. If you are not taken from the wait list your payment will returned from the escrow (paypal) account on the next business day of operation and not be deposited into Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. depository account.
  • Trackday Policy:

    Full Payment for Pre-registration guaranteed spot  The same policy is for those participants that pays for a day in full in advance. Track days that are paid in full in advance are Non-refundable. They are your spots any and all cancellations fall under the EPP,EPP+ and TAAT policies above. They can be transferred to another person however the transaction will be  between those People. We need to be informed of the change of rider by the registered rider only. It must be in the same group classification or there needs to be availability for the group the substitute rider will need to ride in. A track day paid in full will only be credited ( not a refund) to a participant if the riders spot can be filled with someone off a waiting list or a walk on rider of the same group. - You can trade (sell) your track-day  Please contact us directly at least 48 hrs before the event so that we can mark it in our records. There will be no refunds for a Pre-registered rider who claims a spot by paying in full in advance.  We offer event insurance through our access for flexibility. All days regardless of membership status can be transferred to another day as long as the day in question is more than 30 days away. Any changes less than 30 days will be event insurance. There are No refunds issued. Only Trackday Credits will be issued. If you elect to use the charge-back system on your Credit Card  or Paypal  to circumvent these policies your registration will be banned in the future until the balance is paid for. 

    Open Format Days: This will be a limited rider day. No more than 45 riders. They will be either classified as a group 1-2 day or a 3-4 day. They are usually more in price due to the limited number of riders, and the amount of track time. 

Event Insurance/Protection (EPP), (EPP Plus)  

  • EPP Plus add on Costs:  $25-$50 per event is the cost of EPP+ protection. An Event is considered one or consequtive days in a row (Monday,Tuesday, etc.)

  • TAAT from EPP and EPP+ can only be used once, (ex: Apply EPP credit to 1/1/09 and receive TAT, use TAT for 3/1/10, you cannot apply event insurance again for 3/1/10 unless only a portion was applied. Then EPP will be applied to the "paid portion of the event, or the event cost minus the TAATcredit applied. Only one TAAT application per event or day it is NOT unlimited...


NJ Motor sports Park ** Be advised, For Transportation via Ambulance from NJMP to an off-site facility Riders may be charged $220,this is an extra surcharge that is charged by the Race track that will be passed onto the rider in question.

ALL Events: Note if an incident occurs that requires clean up (Absorbant application, Damage to track or facility, and you as the participant is involved, you may be billed if the facility charges Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. for such damage. 

All Credits issued above are called TAAT credits See above for complete description of TAATand EPP Program

Tech Inspection: NO REFUNDS FOR FAILING TECH, however EPP mechanical coverage can be applied.

Decibel Level Policy

Many race tracks have a decibel level requirement that you must abide by. ACE does not check noise levels during tech. Stock exhaust systems are not usually a problem. However, IF you have modified your bike with a competition or other aftermarket exhaust components or systems, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify that the bike is within track noise requirements. ACE does NOT check sound levels, but many tracks are using portable sound meters to verify compliance. IF the TRACK flags you for excessive noise, your day will be forfeit with no credit due except EFP if applicable. Prepare your bike for the track. Track rules take precedence and if the track rules do not conflict, here are the guidelines:

- Kickstands: Kickstand removal is not required for the novice and intermediate group.Kickstand removal is STRONGLY encouraged for advanced group riders. -

Centerstands: It is highly recommended that centerstands be removed due to clearance issues for all groups but not required in novice or intermediate. Centerstands are required to be removed in the advanced group. -

Your bike in top mechanical condition (no leaking fluids)with new or near new tires at leat 80%,

- All glass, headlight(s), turn signals, and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed. - Both mirrors must be removed or taped over. -

Proper safety gear for the racetrack (i.e. gloves, helmet, boots, one or two-piece leathers) - Textile riding suit w/full zipper in beginner only. -

Check the chain for lubrication, tight spots and overall tension -

All motorcycles must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition. - All bodywork must be mounted securely -

No coolant change needed in Beginner, it is recommended in intermediate, and mandatory for EXPERT

We will have tech inspection each morning that we ride.

We will be checking the following items: helmet, boots, back protector (Intermediate, Advanced), tire tread depth and condition, hand lever functionality, foot level functionality, kill switch, chain tension, coolant, properly taped up lights, exhaust bolts, and general condition (possible loose nuts, bolts.)

Items to bring

Everyone has different wants and needs at the racetrack. We list a few items here, but below this list is a definitive look from Sport Rider magazine to help you get everything prepared for your day at the track.

tire guage tools extra fuel spare key drinking water chairs easy up (cover) sunscreen ear plugs bandanna Wind ex bike cleaner hand cleaner masking tape or duct tape spare brake lever - front and rear spare clutch lever and shift lever (The last one-nothing worse than having your bike fall off the trailer and snap a clutch lever and not being able to ride.)


First rule is this is a track day, All egos should be left at the front gate, we should all keep the saftey of ourselves and other fellow riders in the forefront of out minds. Please invite instruction from our coaches and please consider our novice and intermediate schools for some personal attention. It is our intention to provide the most track time as possible to you, is a controlled and safe manner, without losing the fun factor along the way. Respect the club and our rules below. Come enjoy your self time and time again, I welcome you, and thank you for being a valued addition to this organization.

All riders must read and sign the "Release of Liability" waiver on the date of event during morning registration * All riders must attend the mandatory morning riders meeting, non-attendees are subject to ejection from the eventor your event will be sold to a waiting list participant . *

Falsification or misuse of tech stickers or wrist bands will result in ejection from day's event.

The rain policy is : "rain or shine" policy. If the track facility deems the track safe to ride, we ride RAIN or SHINE. If you have event insurance see event insurance.

All first time riders to the track must sit through our intro class which consists of 2 classroom, & 2 Track instruction sessions.

Basically the passing rules are: Advanced: No rules, safe and courteous, no racing. Intermediate: No inside corner passing, straights-either side. Beginner: No corner passing (inside or outside), straights-either side Group Placements :

You will be placed in either three groups, Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced based on your track riding experience with our club or another club.

All Licensed racers will ride in the advanced group.

Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. will have the discretion to either advance a rider or lower a rider into another group based on coaches evaluation for the day no Exceptions.

In the event of a sold out class, a rider can bump down from advance to intermediate if he or she chooses however to bump down, it is understood the rider must follow all passing rules for that group. Bump ups will only be by a coach. .

Crash Policy *All crashes, require coming back to the pits for tech inspection. In all cases, you must return to the pit as soon as possible to have your bike reinspected. If your bike fails tech, you must fix it to pass before returning to the event. **Our events do have either an advanced life support and or a basic life support ambulance at our events. If they are dispatched in the event of your crash Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. is not responsible for their decision to transport if you need to visit a local hospital. All participants must see the medical staff if you crash, all questions pertaining to refusals must be asked and answered by the medical staff on duty for that day. They will be available for question at our AM riders meeting.

Passing Rules

Advanced and Expert Group.- 3ft rule at all times NO RACING!!!

Novice group -3ft Rule Passing Outside of corners and straights only. (Turn in point to Apex)

Intro Group/ACE Intro  - No passing in corners at all straights only (Turn in point to Apex)

Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. Trackday Waiver: By registering online and or by paying for an event, Your credit card payment, and or Personal information gathered is saying you have read the below waiver and agree with all printed below. In addition you will be asked to sign an additional waiver before entering the track facility. I am also agreeing that Every participant is covered under No fault and will not be held responcible for someone else's damages or medical bills.

Waiver:  I would I would like to sign the following statement. I am of sound mind and am willfully entering a motorcycle track event. I understand that riding a motorcycle on or off track can result in serious injury and or death. I understand that the track, at the location above, or Absolute Performance LLC, Absolute Cycle LLP, Absolute Cycle Experience (ACE), or anyone affiliated with said people or companies are not responsible for my safety on or off the track. Furthermore, Absolute Performance LLC, Absolute Cycle LLP, Absolute Cycle Experience Inc., the track at the location above or any of its affiliates are not responsible for damage or loss of property at this event. I am signing below that I have read the statements and understand that there are no refunds whatsoever, and have inspected the facility and the event and they have met my standards for participation. You as a rider are required to read this manual, as it relates directly to you and everyone’s safety on the track. We at Absolute Performance LLC, Absolute Cycle LLP,Absolute Cycle Experience Inc., want you to have a safer, fun and rewarding experience by giving you an alternative to riding on the street. Many things will be new and unfamiliar, and possibly intimidating. There is more to a track than going fast. Thinking and planning a strategy play a large part if you are looking to improve your riding skills and eventually graduate to a more experienced level. We will set examples of basics to advanced riding with the help of some of the area’s top track riders. Before getting started, we need to warn you that motorcycle riding is a DANGEROUS sport and participating may result in injury or even death. There are many hazards involved and Absolute Cycle Experience Inc,Absolute Performance LLC,Absolute Cycle LLP, its associates, coaches, instructors and sponsors cannot and will not be responsible for the safety of you or other participants riding on the track. We feel that even though riding can be dangerous, that riding on the track is safer than riding on the street. The bottom line is SAFETY first. Please cooperate and ride well within your own personal limits, not to put you or other riders in an unsafe situation. We want you as a member to enjoy your track experience and we will do everything we can to assist you with your goals. Any questions, please contact us. We welcome you to the track and the next step in the world of motorcycling. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and regulations. By signing a release form or clicking ok on our website and/or member application, and/or entering the track, every rider is and will be responsible for him/her self at each event. Club director’s word will be final. This material is subject to change without notice. All material printed in this handbook must not be duplicated in any form. Subject for legal mater. Absolute Performance LLC,Absolute Cycle LLP,Absolute Cycle Experience Inc., reserves all rights 2008-2012 GENERAL RULES & REGULATIONS 1.1 No alcoholic beverages will be consumed during a track event by any person or party. Any person drinking and or taking drugs while riding will be immediately excused from the premises and will lose the ability to ever participate with the Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. 1.2 Drugs or medications that may impair you in any way will not be tolerated. 1.3 Each rider/entry will be responsible for his or her actions on and off the racetrack. Crew and family members are the responsibility of the rider/participant and must act appropriately. 1.4 Participants are responsible for property damage to the facility or Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. property due to an accident or other act. 1.5 In helmet audio is prohibited during track riding. 1.6 Family and friends are welcome. There will be designated areas for spectators. 1.7 Pets are not allowed at Pocono and Pocket Bikes are prohibited all tracks. 1.8 All participants must sign a waiver form at the gate and at registration before entering the track with their proper name and information. 1.9 Any participant who switches or rides in a group he/she is not registered for will be asked to leave for the day no credit or refunds given. 1.10 No selling or exchanging of space to another rider without prior consent. 1.11 Riding of another rider’s motorcycle without prior notification to an Absolute Performance LLC,Absolute Cycle LLP,Absolute Cycle Experience Inc., registration official will NOT be accepted. 1.12 Any rider passing improperly will sit out one session. Same offense twice will terminate the day with NO refunds given. 1.13 Rider must display their last name and shift pattern on the top of the fuel tank of their bike(s). If riding more than one bike at an event, rider must notify registration and tech. Name display is checked at tech inspection. 1.14 Group changes are to be made only by officials (Coaches). The rider must be signed off or cleared by a track coach. The motorcycle must be brought through tech to receive a new tech group sticker. 1.15 There is no stopping on the track for any reason. 1.16 Motorcycles that fall down must re-tech before entering the track. 1.17 Wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and reckless riding will not be tolerated on or off the track. Pit speeds will be limited to 15 M.P.H. off track. 1.18 All participants must attend the riders meeting or will not ride that day. 1.19 Sound levels may be enforced. No refunds or credit will be given. Please check with the tracks policies or call the ACE office if in question. 1.20 Participants must be at least 14 years of age. Some restrictions may apply. 1.21 Participants under 18 must have legal consent with adult supervision. 1.22 Pit bikes are restricted to riders 16 years of age or older in the paddock. 1.23 It is the responsibility of each participant to carry current personal health insurance in case of an accident. 1.24 On bike video equipment or video shooting is Registering for an Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. Trackday and payment: Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. Trackday Policy. Trackday Policy: $50 Deposit is Non-refundable. The $50 will only be refunded if we are able to take a rider of a waiting list for that day and enter them into your reserved spot. The deposit option is only a Delayed payment option whereas the Balance of your day is due 30 Days prior to the event. If the balance is not paid for within 30 days of the event, Absolute Cycle Experience Inc. has the right to Assign another rider to your spot due to non-payment. Your deposit will not be refunded unless this participant is taken off a waiting list for that given day. The same policy is for those participants that pays for a day in full in advance. Track days that are paid in full in advance are Non-refundable. They are your spots. They can be transferred to another person, however the transaction will be between those People. We need to be informed of the change of rider by the registered rider only. It must be in the same group classification or there needs to be availability for the group the substitute rider will need to ride in. A track day paid in full will only be refunded to a participant if the riders spot can be filled with someone of a waiting list situation which means it is a sold out event. - You can trade (sell) your track-day on our forum. Please contact us directly at least 48 hrs before the event so that we can mark it in our records. There will be no refunds for a Pre-registered rider who claims a spot by paying in full in advance. We offer insurance for flexibility. Non-Member per event Insurance: If you elect to use this option you are covering yourself and your cost of your track-day.

On Track Waiver to be signed AT Track


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